Please read before sending me a question.

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1. What's the best way to get in touch with you?

A: I feel it's extremely important to be as accessible to my viewers as I can be. I read all the comments and messages I receive on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Due to the large amount of messages I receive, sometimes it takes me a while to respond.

2. I sent you a comment but you didn't respond! What gives?! 

A: Where I do read all of my messages, responding to all of them would be almost impossible to do everyday. I typically only respond to questions or concerns. 

3. I sent you a question but you didn't respond! Wtf?! 


A. If I didn't respond to you, then chances are what you asked me is answered below or is listed in the video description. Questions or requests for tabs for example get asked so often that it would be extremely tedious and time consuming to say the same thing to so many people. If you sent me a question and it was not answered below, try sending me a direct message over YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. I may have accidentally missed it or put it aside and got distracted.

4. Where do you find the tabs for your videos and can you send them to me?

A. I do not use tabs to learn the music in my videos. I learn all of the music primarily by ear and on rare occasion with help from MIDI files. Tabs are generally very inaccurate and scarce when it comes to video game music. I have made a select few of tutorial videos for the songs most requested for tabs which can be found here. It'd be impossible for me to keep up my weekly video schedule whilst also making tabs for each video. Sorry I couldn't be more help in learning my music.



5. Can I use your music in my video/stream/etc.? 

A. I'm generally extremely accepting of this request because it's a great compliment that you like my music enough to want to use it for your content. As long as you're not making money off of it (unless your partnership program reserves to rights to distribute video game music, then I'm totally fine with you monetizing a video with my music in it) and that you provide credit either in the video or description, please feel free to use my music for whatever you need to. Credit to the original composer is always courteous as well.

6. Where did you get that shirt/poster/etc.?

A. Mostly snagged from clearance racks. I don't put as much thought into shirts and posters as people may think.


7. I see that you use a Line 6 POD/Axe FX II Interface. Would you share your tone files with me?


A: Unfortunately, no. For two reasons. One, because my tones are constantly changing from video to video so by the time I released a tone set, my actual one would be loads different. Two, tone is subjective. Not only to every guitar, but to the player. The best course of action instead of using someone else tone is to start on a factory preset and tweak to your personal tastes until you get your own master tone.

8. What is that _______?

A: Check the video description. 

9. How do you decide on songs to do?   Do you take requests?

A. I'm a firm believer in only doing covers of songs from games that I have played. I've played a lot, but not all of them obviously. I treat all requests I'm given as suggestions and when a game is suggested a lot, sometimes I'll check out the game and play a bit to decide on it. For the most part when deciding songs, I try to keep a balanced amount of generation gaps in each month.


10. There's a game song I really want to hear re-imagined on the guitar that you haven't done. Are there others who do the same thing as you?

A. Countless! Check my featured YouTuber list on the right side of my channel page to see only a few of the amazing musicians doing arrangements of video game music!

11. How long have you played guitar? How did you learn? 

A, Since I received my first guitar in December of 2006 I've been self taught in everything except Classical Guitar. I studied Classical Guitar in college and received an Associates in Classica. 

12. How many instruments do you own? Are you rich or something? 


A. I own a lot now. I am now sponsored by Schecter and Ernie Ball which helps be able to get the guitars I need. I currently own 10 guitars that I cycle throughout my covers, two ocarinas, a keyboard, and a cello. I typically use my Schecter Blackjack SLS for lead guitars, my Schecter Banshee Elite-7 for rhythms that need 7 strings, my Schecter E-1 Standard for 6-string rhythms and my Schecter Diamond-J 5 Bass for bass parts. For classical guitar parts I use a Cordoba C-7 and for Steel String I use either my Fender T-Bucket 300CE or a Schecter Orleans. 

13. Do you go to any conventions/festivals? 

A. I typically attend PAX East and West, MAGfest, ConBravo and Momocon. Check out the events page to see where I'm going to be soon!

14. Why do you only do video game stuff? Why not movies/shows/etc.? 

A. I guess I've kind of established my channel at this point to be video game cover based. I have thought about branching out in the future though! 

15. What tuning do you use in your covers? 

A. My most typical set up is as follows: 7-String Rhythm Guitars in Drop A (A E A D G B E), 6-String Rhythm guitars in Drop C (C G C F A D), Bass in B Standard (B E A D G), and everything else like acoustic and classical guitars in standard.


16. Is there anywhere I can buy your covers? 

A. My covers are available to download on all major stores. My first three years of weekly videos are available as compilations and everything that I'm working on currently get released as singles. Everything prior to 2016 will be listed as FamilyJules7x and everything after as FamilyJules (until I can consolidate it all in the future to the latter).